Do you wish to do PhD in religion or theology studies?, this article is giving you ten chance to do your phd, online. we are going to talk about 10 online doctor ministry program in 2021.

1.Luther Rice College and Seminary, Lithonia, Georgia

Online Doctor of Ministry

Luther Rice College and Seminary distributes an online D.Min degree that requires four one-week intensive courses on campus. It is a 30-credit hour program with all other courses 100% online.

Tuition fees at Luther Rice College and Seminary are $ 316 per loan for the ministry’s online doctor. The program requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all graduate courses and a 10-15-page paper for admission.

The program’s courses include on-duty ethics and counseling issues. No M.Div is required for the program.

Tuition: $4,806

2.Piedmont International University, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

Piedmont International University is a 30-hour program and has an online D.Min degree with seven focus areas: Pastoral Leadership; Bible exhibition; Biblical advice; Missions; Followers; Christian education; and interdisciplinary. Training to become a ministry online doctor at Piedmont International University costs $ 340 per academic unit.

Admission requirements include the ministry’s current involvement, past experience in the ministry, a call for proposals to the minister, and a writing sample, which may be a book review or a graded academic paper written for a previous seminar course.

Tuition: $5,850

3.Apex School of Theology, Durham, North Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

The online D.Min degree at the Apex School of Theology is a 42 credit hour program that consists of online work combined with two intensive courses per year and peer group sessions in the fall and spring.

The doctoral program comprises four areas of competence: Biblical Studies; Christian counseling; Development of effective series and pioneers for change in the congregation.

The school is asking for current employees in the ministry, three years of employment in the ministry, a fee of $50, three letters of recommendation, and a five-page personal essay as admission requirements. Apex University charges an online hourly fee of $358.33.

Tuition: $4,200

4.North Greenville University, Tigerville, South Carolina

Online Doctor of Ministry

The online D.Min degree from North Greenville University is a 32 credit degree that can take up to three years. The final project of this effort involves an aspect of the Grand Commission that has been examined in your personal service.

The program looks for applicants with at least two years of professional experience for MDiv, preferably. A current MAT assessment and five-digit reference forms are also required for approval.

North Greenville University charges $ 395 per lesson with the ministry’s online doctor.

Tuition: $10,800

5.Grace School of Theology, Conroe, Texas

Online Doctor of Ministry

Grace School of Theology’s online D.Min is a 30 credit hour degree. Effective biblical guidance and topical theological issues are two of the courses required in this program.

The school requests applicants to submit a written agreement with the Grace Doctrinal Statement, three years of ministry experience after completing the master’s degree, demonstrable academic skills, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The $400 tuition fee at the Grace School of Theology for the ministry’s online doctorate is $400.

Tuition: $3,600

6.Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Online Doctor of Divinity

Liberty University’s Online Doctor of Divinity is a 30 credit hour program that includes ten specializations to choose from: Bible Studies; Pastoral care; Revival of the church; Followers; Evangelism and church planting; Expository preaching and teaching; Pastoral care; Management of the ministry; Theological apologetics; and worship.

Liberty University offers online tuition fees of $ 458.33 per class. The program can be completed in just two years and allows the transfer of up to six credits.

Tuition: $8,051

7.Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, Kentucky

Online Doctor of Ministry

The 36-hour online D.Min degree at Lexington Theological Seminary provides an intensive session on campus for two core courses, 12 hours in electives, and 6 hours in a ministerial doctorate.

Admission requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the thesis and three years of professional experience after the master’s degree. The degree uses a cohort model in which the same group of students is moved through the classes every semester.

Tuition for the Lexington Theological Seminary online doctor is $ 480 per credit.

Tuition: $9,120

8.Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana

Online Doctor of Ministry

Indiana Wesleyan is a 48-hour credit program and offers an online D.Min program with two weeks of intensive dormitory courses that are held each year. The remaining courses are completed online.

A three-year cohort group examines the concepts of transformative leadership and spiritual education. Indiana Wesleyan requires three years of service, a resume, three referrals, a spiritual trip, and a calling essay, as well as an artifact that demonstrates academic research skills for consideration for admission.

Indiana Wesleyan University offers a tuition rate of $515 per unit for the online doctor of ministry.

Tuition: $13,000

9.Bethel University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Online Doctor of Ministry

Bethel University prescribes 1-2 weeks of intensive courses each year (from the three years) in St. Paul, MN, or San Diego, CA, and has an online D.Min, a 48 credit hour program with six specializations.

The specialization options include biblical and theological engagement, church leadership, mission effectiveness, and community and family care.

Bethel University offers an online tuition fee per hour of credit of $382 for the intensive options in St. Paul and $550 for the intensive options in San Diego.

Tuition: $9,630

10.George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon

Online Doctor of Ministry

The online D.Min at George Fox University is a 36-hour credit, a three-year, cohort-based program whose course work is customized by the student and a faculty advisor.

One annual academic retreat takes place in Cannon Beach, Oregon, and the rest of the coursework is completed online.

Hourly tuition at George Fox University is $560 for the Department’s online doctor. Applicants are expected to have an M.Div or 72 hours of equivalent credit.

Tuition: $13,015

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